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Entrepreneur | Founder | CEO | Business Consultant | Motivational Speaker

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Accomplished Entrepreneur and Visionary Leader

Mr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra has made a massive impact in the IT world through his dedication and diverse roles. With his impressive background and skill set, Mr. Mishra has excelled as an entrepreneur, founder, CEO, business consultant, and motivational speaker.

Solid Foundation in Business Management

With an MBA degree in International Marketing and International Business, Mr. Mishra possesses a strong foundation in business management and strategic decision-making. His educational background has played a crucial role in his entrepreneurial journey and contributed to his success in the corporate arena.


My Amazing Works

Founder and CEO of Logelite Pvt. Ltd.

As the founder and CEO of Logelite Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Mishra has been instrumental in leading the company to unparalleled growth and success. Logelite Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as a renowned name in the IT industry, known for its innovative solutions and commitment to excellence.

Trusted Business Consultant

Mr. Mishra's knowledge and experience in the industry have made him a trusted business consultant. He offers invaluable guidance to organizations looking for growth and transformation. His unique ability to analyze complex business scenarios and develop effective strategies has earned him immense respect in consulting.

Captivating Motivational Speaker

Beyond his roles in entrepreneurship and consulting, Mr. Mishra is a captivating motivational speaker. Through engaging speeches and presentations, he has inspired countless individuals to unlock their true potential, overcome challenges, and strive for excellence.

Experience the Transformative Power of Mr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra's Expertise

Mr. Mishra, an entrepreneur, founder, CEO, business consultant, and motivational speaker, is committed to helping you realize your dreams and reach extraordinary heights of success. Discover the transformative power of his expertise as you navigate through his web profile and gain valuable insights to fuel your personal and professional growth.

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